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Originally Posted by Cin View Post
I'm not sure if you can read, or perhaps you just refuse to credit any of what I say.

I don't think you can quote anywhere in this thread where I've put my faith in Fehr, Bettman, God, the Easter Bunny, or even my dog.

My last posts are in direct response to... The press conference. You know the thing you suggested I didn't see today all over twitter, facebook, TSN, and HF.

You claim Bettman was raging? All of you 'fans' seem to claim he was raging? Looked like the same person I've been watching for years. This time he had some body language to add to the ******** spewing out of his mouth. Your opinions are formed by what the media tells you to think, and it's quite obvious.

Perhaps you should read my posts, and then respond. Not blindly throw accusations out and hope that they stick.
Now it's time for you to read because I sad "if" when it came to you putting faith in Fehr, not that you "did".

That's hilarious that you know where my thoughts are coming from. I've watched every single one of Bettman's press conferences during this entire CBA frenzy and never did he come off as disturbed as he did today. So don't act like you know why I think what I do. Just because I agree with SOME of the media and a bunch of people, doesn't mean they are the reason I'm believing something. I learn to think for myself.

Perhaps you didn't hear the presser's today?
Maybe you thought I had a certain tone with this? Maybe you thought I had a certain tone with all of this. I was simply responding and asking you a question. I wasn't trying to accuse you of anything. Man, you sure get heated though. Cool the jets, man. This isn't about accusing each other. It's giving out viewpoints and discussing them.

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