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12-06-2012, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
Bettman is completely and utterly out of his depth. Wow Donald Fehr is a PR wizard in comparison: league looked absolutely foolish today. Note that the league didn't dispute any of what Fehr said, only that it was "cherry picking" because they offered it all as part of a package.

Nobody bargains that way. Nobody. You don't make an entire offer and then pull it off the table when the other side wants to negotiate portions of it.

When Bettman sits up there and says how "emotionial" the owners were because they "gave" the players an extra 1/33 of a single year's revenues (100 million) in the make whole, and how they were so upset the players didn't stand up and applaud, it should rightly be met with snickers from the assembled media. I don't know why every reporter there who isn't a defacto league member (read: Dreger) doesn't stand up at that point and ask Bettman to name a single thing the owners have given to the players that they didn't previously have. Expanded pensions? Anything else?

Bettman didn't do any favours for himself with his panicky, angry-blink press conference, either. Don Fehr is the Phil Jackson of union negotiations.
The problem here is how many fans Bettman has apparently won over. And I'm still puzzled at how people ate up that ****.

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