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12-06-2012, 11:12 PM
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So this is gonna be my thought for the day, I notice a lot of people around me don't aim to be rich when they're older ya know, like a lot of people wanna do good for other people, have a job where they help others. And then there's me. I wanna be rich, that's my one of my biggest goals, that's why I do all the work and studying, not so I can get some job, I wanna be the dick living on bay street everyone hates. It really says a lot about my personality I think though, I mean I'm not the most caring or sensitive guy to other peoples problems. The people I befriend, other than my actual friends, are the people that will get me ahead. I don't care if some average co-worker doesn't like me, as long as the owner and upper management like me that's my goal. It sounds so cliche, but nice guys finish last. I know I'm gonna sound like an arrogant dick here, but it's not really my problem if you're poor or sick, I worked hard for my money and I'm not gonna give it away to some charity that may or may not spend it in the right places, I'll happily give my time in helping people, but I'm not donating my hard earned money. Hell, all my volunteer work isn't because I actually want to help (usually) it's so I have those references and experiences later on when they're of practical use to me. I just don't understand how people can aim for mediocrity, to stay middle class. That's not to say I'll be unhappy to be a middle class person later on, because I probably will be. But at this point I want to be some rich guy, and yet most of my peers don't care to be.

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