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12-06-2012, 11:20 PM
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How much do you want to spend?

Do you want a tablet that is just a toy as the Nexus or the iPad is?

Or do you want a tablet that you can do actual computing on?

You mention school things. If that's the case, I would go either iPad or the new Windows Pro tablet.

The Windows Pro tablet will be about $1000, but it is a legitimate computer. Runs on a real computer chip and such. It can do anything a Windows desktop/laptop can do because it IS a computer. It's more expensive than the other options, but it has infinitely more capability.

The iPad is the best of the "toy" options. It's not the greatest for notes, but definitely better than the Android tablets in that regard. It's, again, more expensive than the Android tablets, but if you actually plan on using it for notes and school I think it's a much better bet.

If you SOLELY want a toy, I would go the Android route since it's a decent chunk cheaper than the other options out there.

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