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12-06-2012, 11:27 PM
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IMO this is simply the hardliners in the NHLPA reclaiming control of the players side of the equation. Once they saw the progress being made with some moderate elements on the player and owners sides involved. They stepped in and I have little doubt they are the ones "worried" about the owners doing an end around the NHLPA's leadership so Don Fehr had to be brought back in. What they were panicked about is coming to an agreement now instead of continuing to drag things out. It doesn't fit their blueprint. They know what buttons to push on the owners to get the reactions they want so they can say to the members, 'see I told you they are unreasonable'.

This is just another stall tactic by that group. They want to push this is far as possible. They want to get back at the owners and push the season to the brink. They feel thats when they will have leverage and more control over the process.

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