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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
And Fast. I remember I called the wife into the living room one time just to watch him run from 1st to home on a single.

His hitting concerns me, but speed on the bases tends to make pitchers miss a little bit and that is all Jose and Edwin need to make a pitcher pay.

If Gose could show he can hit well enough to follow Reyes at the top of the order Colby would be gone faster then Gose can run to first.

I say that just because that speed is wasted if you have to put him at the bottom of the order becaue he only hits .235. In that case you might as well keep the guy who can hit 25 HR.

It's the thought of Reyes and Gose on base at the same time... woo boy, a friggin bunt could score a run from 2nd.
The thing I like most about Gose is that hes a absolute sponge and from all reports very coachable. This is why Im not as concerned about his hitting as some and think with time and experiance he will eventually turn into a quality hitter. The fact he struggles his first stint, then talked with Motolla and changed up his approach/stance etc and hit better shows me that hes not only able to take in critical information but has the skills to make quick adjustments. I know many people look at his K rates in the minors or the batting avg (which arent even that bad) and think he wont be very good but many scouts including the Jays think the bat will eventually come around and they see these guys way more behind the scenes and what they are good at and capable of.

The good thing about Gose is that even tho his bat looks like a question mark at this point hes shown a propensity to walk at a pretty good rate and that bodes well for his future.

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