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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
Gary Bettman suggested the meetings without him and Don Fehr. If anything, that tells me that Fehr was the problem, and that GB was man enough to recognize that stepping aside was the only way to get Fehr away from the table, too.
The owners unanimously voted for both this lockout and the one before (I don't remember 1994). Gary Bettman has presided over 3 work stoppages, but I fail to see how they would have been any less likely with a different commissioner. In 2004, the system was broken and it took taking a year away from players to even get a cap. A different commissioner was not going to get it done in less. This time GB wanted to negotiate back in 2011, and the players refused to even come to the table until August. At that point, what is he supposed to do? Take any offer they give him lying down to get back on the ice by the 15th? I really think the commissioner has profoundly little to do with a lockout v no lockout. He's a representative.

Gary Bettman has introduced institutions like the Winter Classic, HBO 24/7, and more importantly, grown HRR at an historic pace.

He made a bad gamble in Phoenix, but if you think Southern/Western expansion was a bad idea overall, I strongly disagree. His mandate has been to increase league popularity to a point where he can compete with the other 3 major sports, get a TV deal, and there's no way you do that with 14 US teams in the Northeast. Period. Maybe you personally like original 6 hockey better, but that's not his mandate. Not even close.

Here's an honest question: what has Gary Bettman himself done that you dislike? Try to be specific and focus on things Gary Bettman personally did, not just, this lockout sucks so Bettman is to blame.
He has cultivated the most adversarial and dysfunctional relationship with the PA imaginable. Just as the Versaille Treaty caused the rise of Hitler, the 04 lockout made the union hire Fehr. Rightly or wrongly, Betman makes the PA lose their minds. Failure

His strategy is always "let's torch our cities and they will starve first.". But this galvanized the PA by making it an allout war. No way this should have gone on this long. Failure.

he is a terrible face for the league. His condescending, arrogant, elitist, demeanor makes him easily
disliked. Perhaps unfair, but true.

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