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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
I got some bad news for you, it's your countries players who chose not to go, not the other way around.
Hockey Canada would love to have them, but they would rather play golf or do nothing than play for their country. True story.

If these players wanted, they could assemble a 90% Olympic team for WC. So really, there is no excuse..
There is a very reasonable excuse, actually. The KHL season is 52 games, starting Sept. 4 and running until Feb. 17. The playoffs run to mid to late April. The NHL season is an 82 game grind, starting with preseason in September and concluding in April. Playoffs running until mid June. WHC begins early May.

Players are humans. They need rest and recovery time from nagging injuries sustain throughout the season, they want to spend time with their families, as there isn't a lot of time for that during the season with all the travel. And yes, they want to have some fun and de-stress. This is true for players of both leagues.

For KHL players (majority being Russian) that don't make the playoffs, have over 2 months before the start of the WHC. Even the league champion players have a solid few weeks of rest before the commencement of the WHC.

For NHL players ( the majority being Canadian) that don't make the playoffs , have at most a couple of weeks before the tournament begins. First round exits have a matter of days to make it over to wherever in Europe it is being held. All after player a more grueling schedule in a more physical league.

This is why there is a very valid excuse for the low turnout for this tournement. It's not about lack of national pride. It's about lack of rest and recouperation. Something KHL players are able to get plenty of before the start of the WHC, and NHL players get very little before it starts.

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