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12-06-2012, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Ducks DVM View Post
Any player getting a 5+ year contract IS set for life. They are holding out for circumvention contracts from teams with money to burn over a few years rather than signing for more money than all of us put together will make in our lives. I'm not jealous, but they shouldn't expect sympathy for "only" making 20-50M either.
But who are we to criticize the players for signing contracts that the owners are stupid enough to give them. If I had to choose between a 5 year $30M offer and a 10 year $50M offer that circumvents the cap, I'll take the guaranteed money every time.

the owners need contract restrictions in place because they need saving from themselves. The difference between 5/7 (NHLs offer) and 7/8 (PAs offer) isn't enough to lose a season over.

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