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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
There shouldn't be a make whole provision, the NHL should have honoured the contracts it was responsible for signing. But now it's on the bargaining table.

300m in make whole contingent on 5 year contract limits is a joke. I'm not surprised the players didn't buckle. That said, they will have to at some point. They know at this point that they will get less than they had in the prior CBA, but do they give way on contract rights? That's the question.
$300m is more than enough to cover make whole. That's about $180m this year and $120m next year (or with lost games $130, 120,50). After 2 years all the players contracts should fit under 50% split and all existing contracts should be being paid in full anyway.

Linking that to 5 years seems stupid to me too.We don't know if the NHL has spotted some killer flaw they aren't letting on about that 6+ deals can exploit (I can't find it). We aren't in the rooms so we have no real idea. Is the NHL is playing hardball? Is NHLPA is playing games? Has Fehr's entire game plan always been to decertify and the negotiations are just a front to make it look like he tried?

Anyway I'm surprised they haven't murdered each other.

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