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12-07-2012, 12:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
Normally, I'm all up for the capitalist argument, but here's a problem here: in a regular union-owner negotiations, the union wants cost certainty. The union demands deals with corporations and governments that guarantee them things 40 years into the future (like pensions) regardless of what happens with company profits or government tax revenue.

But here it is different. It isn't the union that is demanding guarantees. If it were up to the union, there would be a libertarian-style free market.

Instead, it is the owners who are demanding cost certainty and guarantees that they can never fail, no matter how miserably they run their operations. Socialism at its best.

I'm not fond of the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd, but listening to these rich guys demand socialism makes me understand that OWS argument. These billionaires talk about capitalism and the American Way when it comes to paying nothing to their middle class workers, and then turn around and pull this socialist crap on the players.

What hypocrites! If we have a socialist guarantee that these owners can't fail, then how about they give a guarantee to their workers that they can never get fired and must make enough money to cover all their expenses, no matter how reasonable or unreasonable?!

How about from now on they pay enough taxes that nobody will ever fail in life? Why should they be guaranteed to make a profit, but not to guarantee an income to the homeless and all others? If anything, billionaires are more able to take a loss that the guy sleeping on the street now.

These owners are the socialist ones. I'm a Republican. I'm very active in Republican politics. But holy crap, the wealthy need to stop demanding corporate welfare and guarantee of success every time it benefits them.
I'm as libertarian/free market as you can get, but the problem with this situation is, the NHL is pretty much a monopoly. Players can't just decide to play in another league if they don't like their checks. Yeah they can go to Russia/Europe, but most would rather play in the NHL, even for less money.

I hate unions, I believe the best union is no union. But when there are no other alternatives that are readily available, then without a union, players would be taken advantage of.

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