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12-06-2012, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD View Post
Completely disagree. You are never forced to reach for a QB. It is stupid moves like that which set franchises back for years.

We had crap for QBs entering 2011. Truth is, we had crap pretty much everywhere entering 2012. No matter what players were on the board at 2012, the best player available was virtually guaranteed to be at a position of need (RB the lone exception).

We were/are in rebuild mode and should be looking to upgrade the talent. Not reach for need.

So what if we went into the 2011 season with McNabb and Webb as QBs? Even with the "savior" Ponder we so desperately needed... we still had one of the worst season in franchise history.

Reaching for Ponder solved nothing. Reaches virtually never do (I honestly cannot name an obvious QB reach that actually panned out. Boller, Tebow, Sanchez, Alex, Smith, Losman all busts. Closest thing to a reach that panned out that I can think of is Flacco.
Going with McNabb/Webb in 2011 would have been as big of a waste as 2010 was. They had to take a QB to develop. It just so happens they reached for one and he busted. Like I said I think they wanted Locker and panicked when he went.

In hindsight it ended up being a waste anyway but you had to take a shot with someone whether it was 12th overall or 42nd overall. You didn't know Ponder would be a waste despite his reach status whereas another stop gap (McNabb) with no prospect behind on a terrible team in 2011 woulda definitely been one.

As for the beating the Redskins/Peterson/RG3 thing. Hindsight is 20/20. I doubt we woulda drafted him anyway. Probably woulda traded it just like the Rams did, definitely woulda been nice to get that package though.

The Vikings are at a point where they have to keep drafting QBs until they get one right. (Whether that's this regime or new one eventually.) I'm tired of mediocre veterans and one year wonders who end up choking.

In this year's draft I'd rather them not reach for a QB again, because this QB class blows. Maybe grab a Ryan Nassib or EJ Manuel or someone in the 3rd round and hope they become Russell Wilson.

I really hope they don't do something stupid like get Vick, Kolb, Flynn, Sanchez, Cassel, etc. Maybe I'd take Alex Smith.

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