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12-07-2012, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
Well MacAurther plays rw and Kadri if im not mistaken plays lw or at least is playing that in the ahl. If im wrong i take my offer back. I can see him playing the rest of this year in the ahl with the monarches and learning the kings system of more defensive then hes used to now. The kings have a need maybe next year at lw on the second line if they dont resign penner or / gagne. I would be content with letting kadri fight it out with pearson for the spot should they not get a named free agent for it.

Now as for toronto media lol i live in ontario where i have leaf news toss at me more then i can handle. So yes i understand it was more media report Either way him coming to toronto to me signaled Kadris demise.
As for your saying most gms seeing riemer as a better option i can't disagree more. Reimer has had the opportunity to grab the starts job and just hasnt impressed hes has no coinsitantcy to his game part of this was his injury. Bernier puts up better number with regular work which he doesnt get due to Quick being the starter. As far as scouts seeing something in bernier yes they do hes technically sounds and very calm for a goalie all he needs is a chance to play.
The thing with Kadri is he players center in the AHL, but when brought up he is a lw ideally but can play the rw. Kadri would fit in amazingly with the LA system (playoff one anyways), he is very gritty which he doesnt get enough credit for and can score. Bernier when brought in is a back up and thats far from knowing he is the go to guy, almost like its his time to shine and he prepares extra hard when called apon. Reimer was very consistent his rookie year. Putting up better numbers is very over rated as a back up..... trust me, Raycroft and Toskala had pretty good back up numbers too. Yes Bernier is very technically sound and all but again back to my original point, as a back up. Reimer was technically sound and very good as a starter. Honestly this can go on for every, you watch Bernier more and cheer for LA so Bernier is better to you, and I watched Reimer play more and cheer for the leafs so I see Reimer as better. In the end though they are very close

Also Mac is a LW/RW. LW technically speaking RW on the leafs

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