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12-07-2012, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Did you not say this?

Seems strange that the owners would "blow up" the talks as a ploy to stick it to the union a day after adding an extra hundred million dollars to the make whole provision that the players had asked for in the first place.

If you listen to the press conference I linked to, you will see that the owner's reps go into pretty good detail about what was offered, and what was non-negotiable from their pov.

That same link will also take you to the nhlpa's presser, which was much more abbreviated, as well as being vague and short on specifics.

It is also interesting to note that any progress was halted and momentum went from positive to negative after Fehr insisted on actively participating in the players/owners talks. One day later and the whole thing is in the dirt with no new talks scheduled.

From where I sit it seems the owners are the one's who are ready to make a deal, and the players union and Fehr in particular is more interested in dragging this out. If you look at where both sides started from, it is the owners who have moved the most towards the player's position, not the other way around.
Can you name a single issue where the players' will receive a greater benefit than they did under the previous CBA? Just one? How can you argue that it has been the owners who have compromised more, and yet they will receive a greater benefit than they received in the last CBA on pretty much every single major issue.

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