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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Surprised to see so much blame being assigned to the players here. This is Bettman's third work stoppage... seems to happen every time.

This lockout was unnecessary. I don't see how these groups couldn't have gotten this done a long time ago and I blame Bettman in large part for this. He creates an adversarial atmosphere that is win at all costs. He wins the battle and loses the war...

I have no idea who's more responsible for this in 2012. During the last strike I guess I sided more with the owners but this time around? Come on man, they got the cap and they signed the contracts... now they want to essentially tear them up.

I mean what the hell was the point of the last stoppage if the league is just going to ignore contracts that they've already written? If I was a player I'd be seriously pissed about that.

Anyways, I don't have a horse in this race. I think they're all acting like a bunch of dummies. But if I had to blame a side, I'd blame Bettman. He needs to stop with the hardass routine and realize that work stoppages shouldn't be the strategy of choice every time a contract comes up. Totally unnecessary and Bettman really should take a lot (if not most) of the blame here.
It's Fehr's 8th work stoppage. Your point?

So ironic to see a local with the Expos in the avatar come to Fehr's defence.

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