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Originally Posted by JCD View Post
Actually, it has been answer several times. You just choose to ignore it. Just go through your own history and look for all the threads you defended Christian Ponder.
And I'll continue to defend the pick because it was the right decision. Dalton had his warts too but Minnesota waited too long to pick a QB. Ponder is like Smith in many ways. Uncertain coaching and for a while, terrible wide receivers.

For now, Joe Webb has yet to even throw a pass. Might as well see what he can do, as Ponder has been gutter trash for most of the past two months.
Uh. What? Webb has thrown passes. As it stands, he's a poor man's Tim Tebow. He was drafted in the late rounds as a WIDE RECEIVER. He's played 16 games, started 2 and has hasn't looked that great.

As it stands, the reach on Ponder has set the franchise back at least two seasons. With a piss-poor year for QBs coming up, might be until 2014 before we have something worthwhile under center.
Before Ponder, there weren't very many good years for quarterbacks at all, especially where Minnesota was picking. It'll be interesting to see where Minnesota goes from here.

Originally Posted by JCD View Post

McNabb was a place holder. Trading for him was stupid, waste of a much-needed asset for a rebuilding team. A FA could have been added to fill that same roll (Anderson, Hasselbeck, Matt Moore, etc.) Just to have a vet on the roster who may have to start.
Weren't you supportive of the trade for McNabb?

Vikes needed a QB, but shouldn't have wasted the 12th overall pick on a reach. Had they drafted Ponder in the 2nd-3rd (where most expected him to go), then it wouldn't have been such a waste. There wasn't a worthwhile QB on the board at 12, but the Front Office was dead set on drafting a QB with that pick... no matter what the value. Vikes should have went BPA at 12 (they need help... everywhere...), and look to move around the board in the 2nd+ to get a QB worth the pick. Dalton, Kapernick and Mallette were still on the board.
Mallet was a huge gamble and a huge project. Dalton had his warts (undersize, TCU QB). So did Kaepernik as he came from a non-traditional school and probably and did sit for a bit.

How about this scenario...

Vikes do not reach for a QB in 2011, use the draft to go BPA and replenish the talent pool. Prince Amukamara and Nick Fairley were two of the highest rated still on the board (which would give us one hell of a defensive line or solve our secondary depth issue).
Both Prince and Fairley have done very little right now in the NFL. Hell wasn't Prince out for an entire season?

Then let's say the Vikes do the right thing and put Peterson on the IR after he was initially hurt, instead of suiting up to tear his ACL/MCL to win a meaningless game against the Redskins.
Peterson wanted to play that game. I've always been against using Peterson in losing situations but he wanted to play.

With that loss, the Vikings would have finished below the Rams, giving us the 2nd overall pick and RGIII would be handing the ball off to an injury-free Adrian Peterson in 2012.
And no one blocking RGIII. Instead of grabbing Khalil, we would have probably went with Charlie Johnson at left tackle again. Not only that, we would be missing a guard (all three of our guards are pretty bad). So, RGIII would be scrambling for his life since our line was poor last year.

Not only that but we probably wouldn't have moved up to grab Harrison Smith, who has been a very solid safety, which our defense desperately needed. It would have changed the draft board way, way too much.

Personally, this year was going to be rough but at least we get some pieces to move forward.

The biggest issue last year was fixing the line, which they did. They now have to fix their wide receivers and linebacker position. We can't rely on Percy Harvin as much as we have been.

Before Harvin went out 4 games Ponder threw for over 200 yards 4 games and 1 game where he threw for 300 yards. He had one game afterwards where he threw 200 yards (against Detroit LOL). The problem has been he's been regressing slightly, so the question is, why? And how can we fix it? For a few weeks earlier in the season, Ponder looked actually pretty good and then the wheels starting come off around the Washington game (ironically where the wheels came off last year). We need playmakers at wide receiver because Ponder isn't going to win games but he'll put them in a position to win games if he has the right tools.

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