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12-07-2012, 01:31 AM
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I'm also still on the PA side, although I'm cautious with their end game strategy. I really hate the analogies to other work forces as I don't think they're relatable. So sure while if your job tells the employee to take a cut or walk - you listen; but you can't tell your raw material supplier that you're cutting their pay and to just pound sand too, atleast if you want to keep your product supplied at the same quality. Hence they negotiate.

This is a business, for both sides. Neither of them are negotiating to get fairness, negotiations don't ever work that way. You play to win. You negotiate for that edge, for lawyers this is their Stanley cup. I'd suggest that you don't actually want your key negotiators to care about "the good of the game" in the sentimental state. Good business isn't dictated by emotion, which sucks for us but I think it's important to differentiate.

All that being said, I'd be atleast mulling over the last nhl offer. While they may still try to position some, it didn't seem to unreasonable from the bits and pieces leaked. Think this is the end game stage and it'd be silly to drag on too long.

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