Thread: Proposal: Who wants Jonathan Bernier?
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12-07-2012, 01:31 AM
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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
That is your right to think what you want but i think u really need to watch bernier play and not just look at stats. To me and anyone that has watched Bernier play its a clear upgrade but this is a Kadri value thread so i invite you and others that want to continue the bernier bashing to come over to the bernier thread and exchange thoughts but please read the thread before posting so i dont have to rehash the value stuff as i ve posted to that point alot and tire of reposting stuff i ve already said.
I really don't appreciate my opinion being dismissed as a 'basher' or 'hater' because it differs from yours. I've seen Berneir play, albeit not as much as kings fans certainly. I could just as easily say watch Leafs more often. But I won't, because I have no idea of your time spent viewin the Leafs, as you with me and the Kings. I just read through the latest Bernier thread, and no where do you offer up
Originally Posted by Silverback91 View Post
That's what the same people in this thread were saying about him getting an invite when Canuck fans suggested he would get one and look how that turned out so excuse us if we don't believe others in this thread when they tell us that. Personally I think he has a shot at the 7th d-man spot. He played exceptionally well on his offside paired with Hamilton in the SSS. I believe he is also 2nd in scoring for d-men in the ohl while he is known more as a defensive d-man with amazing skating abilities. They already have Hamilton oulette and maybe even Murphy who are all ofd so there would be no point in adding anymore ofd over a 2 way guy
I would say Hamilton is a pretty solid at both ends, I think refering to him as strictly an offensive defensemen is wrong. The same could be said for Murray, but not quite to the same degree. A guy like Rielly is a pure offensive defensemen. an reason why Bernier is/will be better than Reimer, other than ' he is'. Is get the vibe from your posts hat you confuse your opinion with actual facts. Many young goalies have great junior careers, attain many accolades, but amount to nothing in the NHL. For this reason, his junior success should have no bearing on what he will be in the NHl. I could list many examples from the leafs alone. So without tiring you out, for what reasons do you believe Bernier will end up as a superior goalie to Reimer. Don't worry about rehashing things because you have t really made a point in the first place that I can see. Maybe you could refer to a specific post?

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