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12-07-2012, 01:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
NHL had turned over the proposal and it was a proposal that was to accepted in whole or rejected. NHL fully understood that Donald Fehr would be involved in accepting/rejecting during the NHLPA morning meetings.

After that NHLPA said they wanted to stop with the owner/player meetings because they wanted Fehr in the room for future meetings. The four new owners said ok and went home (except Tanenbaum, who left the day before because he was discouraged with what had happened) and Daly went to the meeting to accept what he thought was an acceptance/rejection of the NHL proposal.

If the players say they want to stop the owner/player meetings and NHL say ok, where is the drama?
Why retract all the negotiating just because the players want Fehr in the room to advise them on whether they've gotten a good deal or not?

All of the owners are business savvy, few of the players are.
The owners also know how to work press releases better than players.

.: the players are more likely to get screwed on a deal if they don't confer with Fehr than the owners are if they don't confer with Bettman.

The owners know that a room without Fehr is a room that's conducive to the owners getting a better deal. They know that any time Fehr steps into the room, they can break negotiations and pin it on Fehr and the PA through their PR skills.

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