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12-07-2012, 01:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
People are forgetting that Bettman is also negotiating with 30 very rich and powerful men that are used to getting what they want. The NHLPA isn't the only thing Bettman is trying to make happy.

Bettman invited the moderate owners to negotiate a deal directly with NHLPA and the owners thought they had a deal ready to be voted on and the players just ignored it and came back with new demands, that just put all of the owners right behind Bettman.

Fehr just gave Bettman even more power over the owners. When the owner that stands to lose the most revenue and profit leaves the negotiations upset, the NHLPA should be very worried. The NHLPA needs Toronto on their side to have a shot at getting what they want and they may have lost them.

The majority of the owners will handle the $250-300 million lost profit to get out of $1.8 billion worth of salary. The make whole will go away and the owners will save $300 million out of pocket. Makes up for most of the lost profit.

Can't wait for the "disclaimer" vote by the NHLPA. When they lose in court (over the legality of the lockout), then we will really see what kind of offers they get from the NHL.
This is precisely what has me baffled with the NHLPA's stance, whatever that may. They have just turned the most profitable team in hockey against them to the point of outrage, and they somehow believe he and the remaining owners will come crawling back. Nevertheless, after tonight I firmly believe Bettman's job security has never been stronger. Now even the moderates view the PA with a certain level of disdain.

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