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12-07-2012, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
There weren't any negotiations planned. The NHL offer was a take it or leave it and if NHLPA accepted, they would move on to settle the transitional stuff.
They've spent the past few days negotiating. Those negotiations helped form the feedback required for the NHL to create an offer. Unfortunately, the NHL has a tendency to make the PA play by its rules (ie accept the proposal), or the NHL will take its ball and go home for a week. That kills the negotiating momentum by essentially taking all the issues they agreed on during the most recent round of negotiations, and saying 'we don't agree on those any more'.

I don't see how players are getting screwed since the only side that moved without Fehr in the room was NHL and besides everyone knows Fehr have to sign off on any NHLPA move anyway.

I don't think there has been any attempt from NHL to make any big deal of NHLPA wanting Fehr in the room.
The players and owners negotiate a deal and agree to it in principle, without the players realizing it favours the owners. The PA takes it to Fehr, who tells them it favours the owners.

One of two things happen.
1. The players excitement at the prospect of playing undermines their willingness to listen to Fehr, so they push him aside and accept the deal that favours the owners.

2. The PA accepts Fehr's advice, and now has to go to the owners and say 'sorry, we're not getting a the deal we thought we were'. The owners get a field day with PR by villifying Fehr for 'stopping the deal' and for making the players look like they've reneged on their word.

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