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Originally Posted by MastuhNinks View Post
... What the hell? I wasn't telling you who to vote for, I was saying that it's close between Datsyuk and Toews, and it has been consistently for the past 3 years. I disagree that Zetterberg is the best defensive forward of the three, and he also scored at a lower rate than the other two this past season by a larger margin.
He outscored Datsyuk at ES/60 on the same team. Datsyuk scores more on the PP because Z plays the wing and sees less of the puck. Part of it last season was also Holmstrom spending less time on the top unit with them, and Franzen more; this meant Dats passing to Franzen for the shot rather than Z. If you flipped their roles on the PP, Z would likely outcore Dats there, or score comparably.

It should be noted that Z's numbers last season were hurt significantly by a slow October. He was outscored in the second half by Malkin, and only Malkin. He was also by far the Wings' best player in the playoffs, as is the norm.

Z's role over the past four years has been shut-down center while Dats has run the offensive line, although Z's line was more prolific last year. Yet he still scores at the kind of rate he has, and finished 8th in 2010-11. Any discussion of elite centers that doesn't include Zetterberg isn't a valid discussion.

In 2009-10 and 2010-11 combined, he scored a higher PPG than Datsyuk. For the past three years he's scored 17 fewer points than he's played games; most of that gap came in the first half of last season (-9). Since the lockout, Z has scored above PPG (hitting PPG+ in 4/7 seasons) and is 13th overall (7th among centers or 4th among LW, depending on where you classify him), with Datsyuk as the only other Selke nominee in the top 40 in total points aside from Richards at 40th, and Toews at 32nd for PPG while Z is top 20.

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