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12-07-2012, 03:00 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyShack View Post
Well 1 of the 2 lead us to hockey?

But I don't see that they have to agree to a deal. They have one of the 2 brothers in the room. It's been rumored here that he will take over for his brother. I think both sides had enough help to get to a point where they can agree.
Both options eventually lead to hockey. It's a question of 'how long' rather than 'if'.
With Fehr negotiating, the lockout is prolonged, but the PA gets a better deal for itself.
Without Fehr negotiating, the lockout is shorter, but the PA gives up more.

As far as both sides having enough help is concerned, sure, they could both theoretically agree on everything right now and end the lockout. The issues are still fairly big. Max. contract lengths and max deviance year to year are big issues for some players. Big enough that they'd still rather have Fehr take the time to get them a deal that's slightly better than sign the NHL's offer right away and get back on the ice.

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