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12-07-2012, 03:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Brad Tolliver View Post
Dalton went in the 2nd round because he wasn't great at anything and played in a spread offense. It had nothing to do with TCU not producing QBs in the past, or else the Vikings would have stayed far away from Ponder with all the QB busts that came out of FSU. Ponder did get to play behind a pro-style offense but there was a reason he was only a 2nd or 3rd rounder pre-draft, because the only thing he was great at was getting hurt.

It was a bad panic/reach pick in reaction to Tennessee and Jacksonville doing the same thing.
imo it was the Jags wanted Locker and when he went 8th we panicked and traded to get the next available guy in Gabbert, when the now smart move would've been to hold tight and have taken Kerrigan at 16 like everyone expected us to and get a QB in the 2nd

You can't really fault them tho, I still have draft magazines from that year where several had Blaine the top rated QB and IIRC he was the 4th QB taken. Jacksonville prolly thought they were getting a monster steal.

OT and speaking of Ryan Kerrigan, does anyone in DC refer to him as "The King of Blades"? I'm a nerd and I was all ready to give him that nick name in north FLA

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