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Atleast Jim Hendy who was New York Rangers publicity man and editor of the National Hockey League Guide, thought Thompson was the best goalie of the 30īs.

Here is another calling him a best goalie of modern hockey, but itīs a retirement speech so its possible that there is some exaggeration involved.

I would also add few points about his early career. Edmonton Eskimos were very intrested about Thompson in 1924 "offering him double the amount that has been offered him by several other clubs".

Thompson decided to go Duluth Hornets which played in USAHA. In 1924-1925 (If I remember right) he was considered "with Worters easily the class of the league" (I canīt find the source anymore).

in 1925 he "defected" to Minneapolis Millers (in CHL) which was gathering a strong team. Atleast book called Before The Stars: Early Major League Hockey And The St. Paul Athletic Club Team suggest that Thompson was the best goalie in league." Tiny Thompson may have been the best goalie in league, but he was off his game when..." Most notable competiton was Gardiner, Flat Walsh and Joe Miller. All of them got the taste of NHL before him.

So I donīt think itīs that far fetched to say that he could have been a atleast fine starter in big leagues even 3-4 years before he was bought by Bruins.

(OT Most of these searches has originally made to complitely different project so thats why I donīt have all the sources anymore)

edit. changed pro to big leagues. Millers was pro team.

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