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Originally Posted by Samsquanch View Post
This x 1000. Its been handled like an absolute joke by both sides.

But I still personally hold the PA more responsible in this ordeal. Everyone wants a healthy league, but the NHL clearly wants it more than the players.

The salary cap was one of the best things ever introduced in the NHL in terms parity, and Im glad they fought the players to the bitter end on that. We have a better, stronger league because of it. But the cap and salaries are clearly rising too fast, and something clearly needs to be done to balance things out.

The players still came out of that deal laughing all the way to the bank. They act like we're morons and dont realize how sweet a deal they've had for the last 6 years. They should just shut their mouths and accept the fact that they cashed in big. The good times are over and its time to sober up and face the reality that this isnt the NFL, MLB, or even the bloody NBA. Its the NHL. Moderation is needed to stay healthy.
I sincerely believe the players are less concerned about a healthy league than the owners. Players would want 30 year guaranteed contracts if they could have them. They don't care about balance and competitiveness in the league. They do not think what interests the fans is also in their best interest. The owners are more concerned with keeping fans entertained and the on-ice product.

Players want more money, security and benefits and that is all.

Contract length is the the primary issue at this stage and the "hill the owners will die on"'. I don't see how any fan could side with the players on this issue for the health of the game and their team. This more than any other reason makes me 100% side with the owners.

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