Thread: Proposal: Who wants Jonathan Bernier?
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12-07-2012, 04:52 AM
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Hey ya I did come off as a dick there sorry, and thanks for the reply. I now am clear on your opinion of Bernier and why you think he would be a better option. You make some good points about his game. One thing that did just occur to me though about showing emotion. That is an area where Reimer does lack a little dicipline. You can see he can get a little frazzled with a lot of activity around the net. Definately an area that Berniier superior to Reimer. Not to say he doesn't battle pretty well though. What I've seen of Bernier on terrible internet streams left me impressed, but I have been equally impressed by Reimer at times. Tbh quite dissapointed some times aswell but he's a young goalie on a team that fails to play in front of him occasionally.

Don't get me wrong here guys didn't mean to come across as a dbag there. Its not that I don't like Bernier, its just the cost to acqure ( Kadri and a 1st/2nd seems to be the consensus among kings fans?) and the slight uncertainty that still remains (well as I perceive it anyways). I would actually rather Luongo if it came down to it. But you can file me in the Reimer pile for now.

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