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Originally Posted by DogsFan View Post
Your 50 contracts is there so that you don't go overboard signing draft picks that don't need to be signed yet and putting yourself at the limit. AHL players are still on NHL contracts, just 2 way deals. The cap is pretty realistic in game IMO. The only thing is there is no cushion period like IRL where we can go over the cap. The players asking for these high costs are all somewhat realistic.. I mean Lucic grew to an 88, Crosby is what like 92? That is a pretty high end forward. 7.1 is a little steep but I bet he's trying to lock him up long term and making his asking price go up.
First asking price for lucic was 7.2 for 3 years. I offered 7 for 5, he declined so i matched the 7.2 but for 7 years

Only player to take a pay cut was seguin who i got for a reasonable 4.7 considering he was asking for 5.3

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