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12-07-2012, 05:59 AM
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I want to elaborate a bit on the decertifiation -> replacement player route.

Because the union would be decertified, the players who are brought in as replacements would be cast as only filling the spots of players who refuse to play (which would be yet another PR move to put those players in a bad light).

It won't work as a PR move because no one sees the league as the stewards of the game. We see the players as it.

I've wanted a conclave since at least the last time we went through this. If the NHL or PA wants a precious PR stunt, be the first one to suggest it. Either side will win major supporters.

To CC321's last comment: I don't think 'uncomfortable' is quite the right word. From watching the video of that event, it's much more of a crushing dissapointment.

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