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Originally Posted by Flyerfan808 View Post
In regards to 5 year contract limit I think it is actually a genius move by the owners, for many reasons:

1) Levels the playing field between big market clubs and small market clubs.

2a) Limits Liability. Due to serious/career ending injury.

2b) Limits Liability. Due to degrading player performance.

3) This one is sort of my own theory/speculation so feel free to disagree... I think that the five year max will actually lower player salaries by:

a) Physically limiting the amount of money teams have available to spend on salaries (~60M dollars after the 50/50 split) and;
b) Eliminating the front loaded "retirement contracts" loophole.

By limiting contract length the owners will effectively be bursting the bubble on artificially inflated player salaries that were based on 54-57% of HRR and bringing them back down to Earth.

This will force teams to be MUCH more careful about how they spend their money and probably cause a drop in player salaries for the first few years... stabilize by year 3... and continue to scale appropriately to the 50/50 split over the remaining years.
It's gonna create a have's and have not's among the NHLPA. You'll have your high end players and low end players. The middle class of players will begin to disappear. This weaken the NHLPA.

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