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Originally Posted by BwayBshirt View Post
^One caveat to your post though, and maybe I'm misreading things here so forgive me.

You talk as if the Knicks are some young, unseasoned team that needs to crawl before they walk.

But they aren't.

As a team loaded with vets, chances are they will know how to manage themselves as well as can be expected throughout the course of this season. We all know this years' team is a one-year, one-shot deal just like the Mavs 2 years ago.

Knicks fans who have proper perspective should & do understand that there's no looking ahead past this season, it's only about this year.
I'm not talking about the Knicks like they are a young team at all. That's just you trying to find something that isn't actually there.

I'm talking about them like a team that hasn't really achieved much, because by the standards of teams like the Spurs, Lakers, Heat, OKC they haven't.

So the Knicks fans can get all over excited about a 1st round playoff failure and a hot start to the season and the traditional big dogs will continue on realizing that it doesn't mean ****.

This isn't some anti Knicks thing, again, the Spurs, Heat, OKC, Memphis, these teams all have records that are basically as good, in some cases better than the Knicks. The difference is those teams and their fans know that being 15-4 or 14-4 or whatever right now is not an accomplishment, it doesn't make you a top team, it's not something to go singing from the rooftops. You wouldn't see a Spurs fan yapping about how amazing their record is, because they know the deal. But the Knicks fans, after being starved of a semblance of success for so long, want to demand they be treated among the best in the league after not even a season worth of performance that indicates they belong their, it doesn't work like that. It doesn't matter if you are an old team or a young team, respect is not earned in a 1st round playoff destruction, respect is not earned in November, respect is not earned in December.

Really, that is the difference. Miami, Spurs, OKC, Memphis these fans and teams don't care about their record right now, with how much the Knicks fans want to rant on about their record, those teams would be just as entitled to do so also, but they don't, because they are the real big dogs and they know it means nothing. You prove your worth in the playoffs, then you deserve to start yapping. It's clear what is deemed worthy of celebrating for Knicks fans is much lower than it is for some of the other teams in the league.

There's nothing wrong with being happy your team is doing well, I'm sure everyone who is a fan of those teams I've mentioned are happy that things are proceedings as they are. Just realize that while Knicks fans think this makes them one of the best (or THE best as some have said) and that they are gods gift to basketball or whatever, there's fans of several teams who are performing at the same level who are for the most part unmoved because they are at a level where such performance is taken for granted. It's not that other people don't want the Knicks fans to enjoy themselves as one guy on here seems to think, and it's not that people are trying to diminish the Knicks (stop flattering yourselves seriously), it's that people simply do not care about what you have achieved so far. You are the kid who finally kissed a girl in a room with a bunch of guys who have been banging chicks for years now and suddenly you think you are on the same level.

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