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12-07-2012, 07:15 AM
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Any of y'all ever heard of Foundry Golden Cider??? It's some new alcoholic apple cider thing made by Guinness IIRC. It should be on the market in Canada soon.

I didn't know of it until last night. My fiancee and I went out to our favourite Irish pub last night who were having their "1 year since we first opened" party. There was food, prizes, booze and free samples of drinks and "soon to be on the menu" items. They offered the cider for sale but seeing as my fiancee doesn't drink and I'm not much of a cider person we declined. Anywho as luck would have it, my fiancee and I both won prizes. We won these really nice frosted Foundry branded beer glasses and Foundry cider t-shirts. It's a shame the tshirts are a mustard yellow colour and too small for us.

Also I finally tried Hoegaarden on tap last night. T'was delicious. And they even had Guinness in these teensy weensy little sampler glasses. The cups were so adorable and small. The almost Mrs. wouldn't let me pocket one and take it home though. Although we did get a free gift when we left which was imperial pint sized Stella Artois branded glasses. I felt kinda bad though as I already have a small Stella glass from a giftpack.

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