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12-07-2012, 08:23 AM
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Anyone reading or read the Pete Townshend memoir? A couple of observations -

(i) it's amazing how little he has to say about the construction of particular songs and how much he has to say about the construction of albums as a whole, and with the technical production of collections of songs. I suppose he left the details of working out the songs to his bandmates, which explains why his solo stuff is pretty weak. He's certainly no Paul McCartney.

(ii) He had this concept of himself as a person divided between his family life and his life as a self-obsessed drunk musician. When you read his own account of his life, it becomes pretty clear that his felt pull to his family was pretty much a vanity.

(iii) I've never ready an autobiography where the author makes himself out to seem like such an awful person. Clearly his honesty is his strength.



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