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Originally Posted by Xspyrit
Chris Neil outscored Couturier in 5 games less, and Chris Neil is considered like a goon with no hands by many...

You realize Erik Condra put up 31 points in 88 games as well?

Chris Kelly pretty much did in 2005-06 what Couturier did last year and he was considered OVERPAID by 80% of this board a few years ago... at 2.1 per season

I think some people really want glorify Couturier for some reason... What he did last year is not unseen... at all
Like you liked to point out as well, I've been following the NHL for a long time. 18-year-old rookies playing in Couturier's role putting up 27 points barely exist. Heck, 18-year-olds playing in Couturier's role barely exist. Can't remember anyone. The point was never about 27 points being unreachable, I think you must've misread if you thought so.

Haven't you see guys like Landeskog, Henrique, Read, RNH, Hodgson, Hagelin... heck even Greening? I'd take most of those guys before Couturier
Great players, would love to have them.

If Couturier was THAT good, why isn't even among the top-5 rookies of 2011-12???
According to who?

Must have missed that... never heard of it... and while Mika is ready physically it's his pro game that needs refinement. He has a ton of different skills but haven't put it all together yet. He has to learn to be a real pro and adjust to the NA game... He is still a kid, on his way to become a man
I'd have to dig up some quotes on that if necessary. Perhaps it was a post-draft construction because Sens management decided in April that the player they drafted would jump right into the NHL.

My conclusion on this (hopefully) is after 20 years of following the NHL closely... I have witnessed that kind of situation so many times, where a young hockey player has a great career start and finally don't rise as expected, and the opposite as well.

Just on the Sens, you only have to think of Patrick Eaves and Brandon Bochenski, or even Andrej Meszaros... GREAT start of careers... but now they really aren't as "big" as some people thought they would.
That's really just a case of re-occuring overrating of prospects, happens every year, everywhere.

NOT EVERYTHING IS LINEAR... particulary with the human being
True, hence why I'm not yelling at anyone for having a different opinion than me.

People would pick Couturier without blinking? What have you done with me lately mentality?
Many were surprised he fell so low to begin with and have done nothing but good things since. Has played one season at an elite level defensively, and there's no reason to believe he can't put up points in the future.

Man, it's possible to find hundreds of examples like this... It's ridiculous to even think of concluding about this right now... You're like 3-4 years ahead... only pure speculation and people saying "I would pick Couturier over Zibanejad without blinking" are either blind or haven't followed the NHL long enough to know that it's just too early to make that kind of conclusion
Yes, it's too early to make conclusions about who is gonna be right when we look back at their careers. It's not too early to make predictions and have opinions.

Basically, you guys are making a prediction and expect people to swallow it as a fact
No, I am saying I think most people that follow hockey closely would agree with me, to avoid looking like I am having some crazy opinion on this Senators-biased board. I'd gladly be proven wrong if possible.

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