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Originally Posted by Dissonance View Post
Agreed that Thomas is a weird case. Though it seems like just about every goalie in the 2000s is a weird case.

Apart from Brodeur, I don't think there’s a single clear-cut HOF-worthy goalie from the past decade. Luongo is a no unless he overcomes his playoff reputation. Kiprusoff has flaws. Thomas has flaws. Giguere has flaws. Miller has flaws. Osgood has flaws. Maybe Lundqvist is on track, but who knows? He could fall off too.

Is there any other decade in history that has had only one HOF goalie?

And if so, that raises a few questions: Was this just a fluke? Or is Mike Farkas right that we’ve entered a new era where coaches and teams are more important than goalies, which means that we won’t see very many more HOF goalies unless they're either Hasek-level exceptional or happen to find themselves in a particularly beneficial situation, ala Brodeur in New Jersey?
I think that goalies, overall, are better today than they ever were before, but that's almost entirely a reflection on depth of quality goalies.

The elite of today (Quick, King Henry, Thomas, Luongo, etc...) aren't any better than the elite of the 90s (Roy, Hasek, Brodeur, Belfour, etc...). However, I'd say that your 20th through 100th best goalies in the world of today are well ahead of your 20th through 100th best goalies of the 90s. Then compare your average No. 1 goalie stats of today with your average No. 1 goalie stats of the 90s.

Taking this altogether, and there's just not the same room for error now as there used to be. One subpar year for a No. 1 goalie - Even an elite goalie - Can be enough to see a backup take that No. 1 job away.

We see this all over the league - Halak temporarily displaces Price, Rask temporarily displaces Thomas, Giguere struggles some and is soon replaced by Hiller, Schneider takes major playoff games away from Luongo and looks to be forcing Luongo out.

You had the odd situation like this in past eras (like Hackett forcing Belfour out of Chicago), but they were rare. Today, you see this sort of "Backup knocks off the team's established No. 1" with some degree of regularity. And not all of these No. 1 guys get traded in a timely fashion, due to the salary cap and the fact that it's now a buyer's market for goalies. So even some elite goalies spend a fair amount of time just riding the pine, which obviously hurts them massively in comparison to the Roys and Haseks and Belfours of the past.

Yeah, I do think it's going to be harder for goalies of this era to make the HoF than it was for goalies of past era.

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