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Originally Posted by Xspyrit View Post
If Zibanejad can't score 27 points in a season, I will consider him a bust... I don't see what is the "big reach" about 27 points... 259 NHL players have scored 27 points or more last season
Right. And how many of these 259 players were rookies coming out of junior who played on the third/fourth line with virtually zero pp time?

Chris Neil outscored Couturier in 5 games less, and Chris Neil is considered like a goon with no hands by many...
Chris Neil is more than ten years older than him and needed at least 5 NHL seasons to reach 27 points.

You realize Erik Condra put up 31 points in 88 games as well?
Condra is a rookie who just came out of junior?

Chris Kelly pretty much did in 2005-06 what Couturier did last year and he was considered OVERPAID by 80% of this board a few years ago... at 2.1 per season
Again, rookie, out of junior, 19 years old, yadayadayda...

I think some people really want glorify Couturier for some reason... What he did last year is not unseen... at all

Haven't you see guys like Landeskog, Henrique, Read, RNH, Hodgson, Hagelin... heck even Greening? I'd take most of those guys before Couturier
Is it the greatest season ever? No, but it's still a pretty impressive season for a kid out of junior who was getting tough minutes, sh*ty linemates and very little PP time.

Landeskog and RNH are superior players, but they also benefited from playing on crap teams (Which means tons of PP time which is where the players get their points, RNH especially is a PP mastermind). Hopkins was also ridiculously sheltered, his minutes were toilet paper soft.

Isnt Matt Read 25 years old? Coling Greening

NOT EVERYTHING IS LINEAR... particulary with the human being
Correct, it's not. All we can do is work with what we have. Whatever situation Couturier has been put into since he has been drafted, he's been able to produce.

Since Zibanajed has been drafted, all I'm seeing is excuses to justify his play (Bad coaching, rink is too small, snake bitten, etc.)

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