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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
I see what you're saying but the comparisons aren't similar.

Fehr had MLB owners over a barrel when they were caught colluding. The relationship between owners and players was as damaged as it could possibly be. Also, MLB does have a salary cap. It's a soft cap that very few teams can spend over. Those who do have to put extra money into the MLB revenue sharing to compensate. Don't forget that revenue for MLB is much larger than that of the NHL which means much more money for MLB owners. Even the crappy teams make money so it's hard for the owners to botch about profits. In MLB if your not winning you're not making as much money. In NHL even successful teams lose money.

When you get to the NHL and Betmans track record, I don't see how anyone can say its been anything but successful. That's how he's kept his job for so long. He's built the NHL revenue from 800 million to over 3 billion. That's a huge amount of growth. Everyone has made more money under Betmans reign and NHL has become far more popular than it was in the past.

Truth is, the players got exactly what they asked for when they fired Kelly and hired Fehr. They felt they lost the last CBA (even though they made more money under it and extended it at their option) so they brought in a gunslinger to try to teach the owners a lesson that they wouldn't lose again. Unfortunately for them and the fans, they really only brought a bigger knife to a fun fight. NHL owners will not lose a negotiation. Ever. They have the money, they have the means, they're a smaller group to get in the same page and they consist of some of the most successful business minds out there. How players are stubborn and stupid enough to have their pride get in the way is beyond moronic. They said no way to 50/50 and we're there. The other contracting issues are not an issue for 90% of the players and the term of the CBA only gives all parties, players, owners, sponsors, fans etc more certainty for the next decade. Since when is certainty a bad thing?

This entire process was doomed to fail the moment Fehr was hired. By far the most contentious man in sports. If Kelly had been the head of the PA they'd be playing and the players would have a similar deal to the one they're going to get. Even if it was a little worse, they'd have half a seasons salary at least added to what they would have got.

This is a war of attrition and they players can't win. Once they realsie this, like they did in 94' then we'll get hockey back.
Dear lord this!! I agree on all accounts

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