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12-07-2012, 09:06 AM
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Its not you personally.

I just have no time for these unions. Or anything like them. People hiding behind organizations to protect their rights. When there's already a system of federal laws, checks and balances that do that stuff already. The difference is its on the individual to obtain the knowledge of those rights on their own.

And what's funny is the next step for the player's union? Decertify! Abolish the union. And do exactly what I said. Earn your own keep. If they aren't good enough at their trade, they're out of a job. If they don't work hard enough at it, they're out of a job. Welcome to the real world at that point. Adapt or die.

NHL players received 57 percent of league revenues. Its not their league and its not their business. Maybe they shouldn't have decided to be hockey players if they're upset with it. Instead be a business man and start a business.

These players need a reality check. They're employees. They're paid for their unique skills. But that doesn't make them entitled to anything.

This whole "they're being taken from behind" is a sick joke. The amount of money they earn can set them and their family up for a good amount of time. Invest properly and Smarty. Don't buy million dollar mansions. Don't buy 100k sports cars. Several. Be smart with the money you earn. Live a LITTLE more humble.

Whatever. I'm done with it now. The NHL is potentially in for harsh reality. Go ahead and lose a season. Here's at least one less source of income. My money allocated elsewhere. I won't even acknowledge anything with an NHL logo on it.

Providence College already got my money for tonight's HE showdown against BC.

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