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12-07-2012, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
However, you have to laugh at the idiocy of anybody who blames Donald Fehr for the Expos departure rather than, *drumroll* the Expos ownership group, who are really at fault.

Yes, the 1994 strike is the reason the Expos moved in 2005 ... ... it couldn't possibly be because one of the richest ownership groups in the MLB and indeed the entire sports world refused to even offer contracts to Walker, Grissom, Hill, and Wetteland... and then Moises Alou, Pedro Martinez, and Vladimir Guerrero all eventually left as well. All they had to do was keep their team together, the best team in 1994 could have been a contending team in 1995.

Meanwhile, 29 other teams are still around.

Some people just can't help themselves, they have to hate unions and love billionaires. Blaming Fehr for the expos is near the apex of idiocy.
Dont you know, it's Fehr's fault the Ex were playing in an empty stadium 90% of home games!

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