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12-07-2012, 08:14 AM
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guys the biggest goal was achieved last night, they all agreed on the money. that is why we nearly had a vote. Now that the money is done basically 2 issues remain

the player contract limits the NHL wants 5 max.

and length of CBA is 5 years with 2 option for max of 7

union wants 10 with a opt out after 8.

guys, honestly we have a deal. Honestly i think this weekend is basically a chance for the league to get the new schedule set up logistics, TV and gives networks time to setup the season. also gives chance for the players to come back from europe etc.

also prehaps the NHL and players should finish the deal without bettman and D fehr not in the room.

I honestly see 12/26 being the start of the season. we will play all east coast teams. I don't think we have enough games to play any western teams. I was hoping for 58-64 games, but alot has been lost, but I can see 56-58 games right in there. so for this short season we will see extra rival games.

NHL will make 18-20 million a day when the games are on again. Players also will be happy getting paid again. But its done

when you have agreements on both sides in the money category that means the most important issue is resolved.

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