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On the goalie front, where does Ryan Edquist (USA) rank in the draft.....thought he was in the mix.

Maybe you are only talking/ranking Canadian goalies.......

Originally Posted by ScoutingBC View Post
I would definitely not rank Shugrue as “the” top-ranked goalie in BC, if only because there is not a clear #1 ’98 goalie prospect in BC. He would make my list of the top five goalie prospects, which is (in alphabetical order):

Josh Barrett
Jeremy Kelleway
Tyler Shugrue
Nic Tallarico
Brody Wilms

Barrett has the best size and athleticism in this group. A tremendous work ethic, quick legs and is unflappable in tight games. Looking long term I suspect he has the best potential for future development. If Jordan Sigalet can further tighten his fundamentals he should be a good mid-round pick.

Kelleway’s development has really tapered off in the last year and he seems to have zero commitment to fitness (those two observations are probably connected). Without better fitness and a growth spurt this season the likelihood of him being drafted is slim at best ... lesser talents with better size will surely be taken ahead of him. I’d have to put him at #5 on my list.

(NOTE: Both Barrett and Kelleway are in Semiahmoo this year, which gives them great strength in goal. But it won’t be enough to overcome Semi's complete lack of defence and extremely limited offense – Michael Regush IS a stud, but can’t be expected to carry the whole squad.)

Shugrue runs hot and cold based on what I’ve seen, which is often typical of those who play an unorthodox style. Mental toughness is a real question too. When he is “on” he’s as good as anyone on this list, but his consistency needs to improve … and it’s probably why he played so few games for BWC last season. He'll get plenty of exposure on the Winter Club team and will be worth taking a flyer on, but I wouldn't risk a high pick.

Tallarico is the most technically sound of this group. Thoroughly trained. But there’s obviously more to goaltending than technical proficiency, and it shows up in his results against top squads who exploit his lack of size and inability to cover the net in scrums and crease-play. If only he were 6 inches taller ... wow!

Wilms has gone to OHA this season (along with some other strong skaters from the Lower Mainland) and he gives them a real boost in net. He’s a steady performer with a solid work ethic and the extra “Love” (Tyler Love is OHA’s Goalie coach) he gets at OHA will only improve his chances of being drafted.

I'll try to address Forwards and D-men later.

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