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12-07-2012, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
However, you have to laugh at the idiocy of anybody who blames Donald Fehr for the Expos departure rather than, *drumroll* the Expos ownership group, who are really at fault.

Yes, the 1994 strike is the reason the Expos moved in 2005 ... ... it couldn't possibly be because one of the richest ownership groups in the MLB and indeed the entire sports world refused to even offer contracts to Walker, Grissom, Hill, and Wetteland... and then Moises Alou, Pedro Martinez, and Vladimir Guerrero all eventually left as well. All they had to do was keep their team together, the best team in 1994 could have been a contending team in 1995.

Meanwhile, 29 other teams are still around.

Some people just can't help themselves, they have to hate unions and love billionaires. Blaming Fehr for the expos is near the apex of idiocy.
Good point on the Expos. You're right Fehr isn't really the one to blame there either.

Anyway, it seems to me the owners have gotten almost everything they wanted here:

- Revenues go from 57 percent to 50.

- Players have now agreed to putting limits on contract lengths (the owners want it to be shorter but just having the players agree to this point is a huge victory)

- They pushed the length of the CBA

- They managed to get players to agree to reduce the value of EXISTING contracts that have been signed....

What more do they want here? This isn't the kind of thing that should end a season. Saying that you 'live and die' on a point isn't negotiation. It's demanding that the other side do things YOUR WAY. The players have accepted to these conditions in principle so take the victory and move on. Accept the 8 year cap limit and next time around make it five... that's what negotiation is all about.

This lockout did not need to happen. Bettman made hadball offers from the beginning and I think he's largely responsible for this. He's a great showman and coming out and painting Fehr as the obstacle was a masterstroke. Unfortunately for the players Fehr made the wrong move in talking positively and Bettman went for the throat...

The owners are trying to protect themselves from themselves. No more fifteen year contracts to circumvent the cap. I understand this but there are controls in place for this now. If they're getting 50 percent of the revenues no matter how much they're spending then does it really matter if some player has a stupid contract? They already have a cap to protect them as well...

I get their position. I get that they want to mitigate some of the problems for smaller teams... but they can increase revenue sharing to help with this too.

Like I said, I'm just really surprised that people are coming down hard on the owner's side here. It seems that they've gotten everything they wanted. The terms aren't what they wanted but that could be renogotiated next time. Just sign the deal and move on man...
Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
Everyone knew and Betmans even said that the 43% he gave was the first offer to get to a 50-50 that everyone knew was going to happen.

As for the other issues they're a matter of give and take. The entire make whole is what the owners are giving back in return for the 50-50. It's a good faith give by the owners who didn't have to offer it. All contracts are contingent on the CBA that is in place. These guaranteed contracts do not mean that the player will get the full face value of their contract. If revenues drop, so will their share of it rises, so will their pay. It's not a static number, hence the escrow payments.

As for capping long term contracts, the NHL already conceded RFA ages etc. there has been give and take on both sides but the moment Fehr got involved everything fell apart. Even the most moderate owners who want badly to play were completely turned off. That's a HUGE problem for the PA. If the Leafs are saying to GFO, image what the Hawks are thinking. This is not a Bettman problem. This is a Fehr problem.
The moment Fehr got involved?

Like I said, Bettman did a masterful job with the shell game yesterday. Too bad Fehr played right into his hands....

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