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12-07-2012, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Dacks View Post
Haven't been on this board in a long time, but I'm really shocked. How is everyone so pro-ownership?

Many of us, myself included were pro-player all the way when this started because NHL leadership didn't lead during the summer, didn't start negotiations early enough and started out with two horrific low-ball offers when they did start. THey intended for there to be a lockout as their main pressure point from the start. So some blame is theirs.

However in the last month, and particularly this week, their side really came around, stopped playing games and offered the players nearly ALL of the things that were important to them. Instead of accepting, the players (Fehr) played the moving target game, which is just as toxic in negotiations as starting with a low-ball offer and acting all hard-nosed about it when you know it's not the best you can do.

This thing ended yesterday over pension details and term of the CBA, basically. That is pathetic.

The NHL had agreed to let the players work their way down to 50% revenue over the next few years and stay at 50%.

The NHL had agreed to $300M worth of "make whole" payments to ease the transition.

The NHL had agreed to keep the existing UFA and RFA eligibility rules.

The NHL agreed to extend the 5 year contract maximum to 7 years for home teams singing UFAs.

The NHL agreed to the amount of revenue sharing the players wanted.

All they were asking for, was not more than 5% change in value from year to year on a contract (hardly a big concession by players and important for avoiding back-diving, cap-circumventing contracts), and not more than 5 year deals for UFAs going to new teams, and the new definition of HRR (which was agreed to weeks ago). That's it basically.

And Fehr turned his players against the process because at that moment, with those non-hard-liner owners in the room... he sensed he could GET IT ALL. Period. It's going to blow up in his face, and it's already blown up in our faces.

The owners and Bettman did all the right things this week, and they were turned away. There is no more room to be on the players' side at this point. They walked away from a very good deal, better in fact than what most players in other sports get short of contract length. My prediction is the next offer they get is going to be 50% minus all of the things the league was willing to give this week. And if the season ends and this goes into next year, the players won't even get that 50%. And they'll deserve whatever lowball offer they get at that point.

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