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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Prove it!
Show me how the MacInnis with the Blue's in the late 90's was of the same value as the Conn Smythe winning, more than a point a game MacInnis in the late 80's/early 90's.
This is the Norris voting in his CS year of 89

Chris Chelios, Mtl 226 (37-12-5)
Paul Coffey, Pit 115 (14-14-3) Led all Dmen by 38 points
Al MacInnis, Cgy 57 (3-10-12)
Ray Bourque, Bos 56 (3-8-17) 60 GP
Steve Duchesne, LA 30 (2-5-5)
Brad McCrimmon, Cgy 24 (2-4-2)
Gary Suter, Cgy 15 (2-1-2)
Kevin Lowe, Edm 14 (0-4-2)
Phil Housley, Buf (0-2-5)
Scott Stevens, Wsh 8 (0-1-5) 24 years old
Brian Leetch, NYR 6 (0-1-3) 20 years old
Paul Reinhart, Van 4 (0-1-1) 64 GP
Craig Ludwig, Mtl 1 (0-0-1)

Notice the lack of competition that you always like to argue about, aside form 1 or 2 guys it's really weak in his peak raw stats time.

When I get around to the season by season breakdown of nick and that other guy Al will come up as well.

I've had to bump the start of that back a week because of some time constraints but I'm sure you have already written your comments on it and are ready to copy and paste.

I'm not just talking about '89, I'm talking the Stevie all around '89, from 87/88-93/94 before he popped his knee.
Only 2 players outscored him in those 7 years and I think you can guess which 2. The gap from Stevie to #4 over than span is almost 100 points and only Hull scored more goals, 412 to 355.

Gretzky GP-493 P-938
Lemieux GP-384 P-863
Yzerman GP-524 P-814
Robitaille GP-561 P-719
Oates GP-514 P-701
Hull GP-535 P-699

What you say is all true but the Red wings don't enjoy any real playoff success until Stevie Y becomes a more balanced player and the Red Wings team identity changes from being watch Steve score to look at that strong 2 way strength down the middle with Federov, Steve, Primeau and Draper.

Either way it's really a separate issue from an offensive 1st Dman like Al becoming a more complete player later in his career.

You can look at his adjusted points and Norris voting (and the compettion) to get a better picture of his "value" between the 2 phases of his career. Of course injuries cloud it a bit after 95 as he has only 3 complete seasons, 4 more with around 10 games missed and 2 with around 20.

Still from 95-03 Al is 3rd in dman scoring, along with his improved defensive play.

I think perhaps that you are looking and reading too much into the raw stats and can't or won't adjust for era here.

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