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12-07-2012, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by NYR Boyler87 View Post
I realize Cano had a terrible Fall. But I am more confident in him turning it around than Granderson, Texeira or ARod. The team needs to be revamped. They are too slow and one-dimensional and with Gardner out last year it was painfully evident. The team was built to win one way, home-run, and that was it.

I like the pitching staff that is slated for next year. I don't like the line-up at all. Especially with Jeter, the Yankees most consistent hitter, coming off a major injury at 38-39 years old. I am all about putting pressure on the other team. The Yankees rarely do that.
Yeah, and i don't necessarily disagree with all this...but im wondering how many of everyone elses problems were at least in part due to everyone else also failing.

if everyone not named Ibanez is not hitting, then you really shouldnt have any scapegoats imho. you either tip your hat to the opposition, blame the hitting coach, or just accept the fact that everyone got ice cold at the same time...which happens multiple times during a season, and unfortunately, happened for this entire team for the entire playoffs (including the first series)

i dont think the problem is our hitting coach to be honest. not with how many runs we put up year after year.

i do think we've gotten too slow and home run happy though. which is why i think trading Granderson, a guy who can do both, would be a mistake. Tex is slow, a-rod is slow. those 2 guys are problems if they dont have a high OPS.

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