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12-07-2012, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
As predicted, I'm the only one who sees fault with Bettman.

He literally came out and said the league's offer was take it or leave it. The PA met them on many points, countered on the remaining points, and Bettman balked and "took it off the table."

How is that conducive to getting a deal done?

Then Bettman and the owners are whining that the players weren't "appreciative" of their offer, at which point they decided to pack up their toys and go home.

Who's being petty now?

That there is four pages here savaging Fehr for having the gall to negotiate with a counter words.
I hear ya. They seem so close, i don't know why the owner cannot just concede a little more on either contracts or their variation. However its pretty telling when the PA pisses off the owner of the richest team in the league (one who probably loses the most in terms of real $ by this clown show).

But that little trick fehr tried to pull is complete B.S.

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