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12-07-2012, 09:02 AM
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This isn't a typical business model, so applying traditional role principles to this fight is pointless. On that same token, it's not a typical labor argument. I wouldn't say I'm pro-union or anti-union -- I believe fully in the fundamental principles, but I'm not entirely sure they're being applied correctly -- but I can't think of too many unionized work-forces outside of professional sports where the "laborers" can make upwards of $10M per year, while their fellow union members might make that over their entire career if they're lucky. In my humble opinion, that really throws a wrench into the gears.

So, my question becomes: How do you effectively negotiate a labor contract when there is such a huge conflict of interest? 80% of the league likely doesn't care about the "make whole" provision because what they'd earn back over time will likely never amount to what they've already lost. Whatever player Dater spoke to last night is right; It's very hard for a guy making $800k to sit out this long while "the Ryan Millers and Brad Richards of the world pretend this is a sacrifice for them." Brad Richards made more on July 1st when he got his signing-bonus than most of these players will see in a lifetime. I know if I was a minimum-salary player I'd have a hard time believing that those guys understand my sense of urgency to get a paycheck.

However, regardless of all that, my main issue with all of this is how little accountability either side seems to hold for how they've treated the fans, and, most importantly in my opinion, the people who are employed by these franchises and whose livelihoods truly depend on this game.

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