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12-07-2012, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by The Naz View Post
I agree. I can't see term being what cancels a season, and everyone involved knows that. Especially when an agreeable solution is so close. 5 years vs 8? That's not a hill worth dying on. For either side.

It'll be done soon.

You believe that? How about what Ron Hainsy said? That they wanted to get the deal signed without professional help? Do you really think the owners thought they could get a handful of players to finalize a CBA for 700 men? It was a ploy to tease the players and fans. Let us all think this was it. Then pull the plug and blame Fehr. When (if) he's gone, they can go back to manipulating the players.

I actually think this could hurt smaller markets in the long run. Players today don't ask for league max, but they will with a 5 year max. 11-12M per year over 5 years. Get it while you can, cause you won't have a long term deal. I don't think Minny could afford a deal that paid 2 players 40% of the cap for 5 years.

In the end the 5 year term will mean tighter spending on depth players and massive disparity between the likes of the Kessels and the Frattins. One will get league max, the other will get routinely low balled, as a lot of teams will only carry one or 2 stars at that cost.

Bettman always shakes. His nickname should be Twitch. The owners are doing everything they can to try and publicly sway the opinion of the players and fans on Fehr. They are a 2-3 year discrepancy away from finalizing a deal and Fehr is the villian?
You are 100% correct.....The owners are trying to make Fehr the escape goat as we have seen that act before except this time they have meet their match.

The tables turn when they suggested that they sign the deal without any help from their Lawyer soon as they mentioned that they wanted to bring him back into the room it all changed. Bettman did not even attend the talks in the morning. No one was reporting that they were given a take it or leave it offer before the PC's.

Jeff Vinik statement says it all when he stated that the Unions leadership was the reason why their offer was turn down. Blaming Fehr as was the plan.

Just why do you think that the NHL offered to meet with the players without that they can make Fehr look bad and get rid of him in the process....same act different Union Leader this time.

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