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12-07-2012, 10:24 AM
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I've been playing this game on and off since it came out and I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed. Seems like yet another glitch ridden mess that THQ has been well known for since their PS1 days.

A few quick annoyances:

3 Gig save file? LOL. So much for cloud storage.

-Why are there only like eight songs in the menu rotation and why are the majority of them chosen from among the worst?

-Other audio issues are with the commentary. It's terrible and is rarely ever on point with what is happening, often making completely false references as to who is even in the match or for what reason.

-Glitched animations (ie: tag partners standing on wrong side of ropes, wrestlers coming down the ramp with weird limb distortions, wrestlers suddenly appearing in random parts of the ring or outside of the ring mid-match - sometimes mid move)

-The fact that there is no option to reset the Universe stories and whatnot, but keep your created tag-teams or that the edits you do in the main menu don't carry over to the Universe.

-Speaking of stories, the cutscenes I've frequently gotten make absolutely no sense. Tag partners breaking up/beating on each other and then tagging again the next show with no repercussions. Wrestlers handing me a belt after a hard fought match that they don't carry or even worse doesn't even appear on the show. Wrestlers buying a ticket to sit ringside when they're fighting in the very next match. Run-ins from people I've set as inactive. The list goes on and on...

-Terrible nonsensical booking. Tag partners facing off against each other. Number one contenders matches twice in one week for the same belt. Mid-card main events such as Booker T vs Hunico. Champions barely ever appearing aside from PPVs. Minor shows having better main events than the major shows.

I really expected more out of this game. I guess that was my fault for expecting too much from one of the worst game developer/publishers in the business. I can only hope this year is the final nail in their coffin and someone competent will step in and carry on this franchise.

PS: I haven't tried online yet, but from what I've heard it's laggy and full of spammers. Also one minor feather in the cap is Attitude Era. It was decent.

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