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Originally Posted by Chapin Landvogt View Post
Have a question for some of our Canadian contributors.

Over here, Arcade Fire is pretty doggone big. They've had some huge success over the past 5+ years, particularly in Northern Europe.

Are they a band that is well-known in Canada, much less considered fairly mainstream, at least with respect to getting air time?

The singer and his brother are from the States (Texas, I believe), but the band is based in Montreal and Win Butler's wife, also one of the female singers, is French Canadian.
I can't tell you if they're big in Canada, but they were certainly big in the US. However, from my experience, bands like that can just explode in Germany in ways they won't in the US/Canada. I remember one winter I was in Germany (3-4 years ago?), and the radio basically alternated between Coldplay and the Killers. I found it a bit ridiculous.

Also, I don't think that I'm alone in feeling pretty ambivalent about the albums after Funeral. I liked the way they sounded like an orchestral ensemble on stage in that album, complete with noise and off-key notes. Neighborhood #2 (Laika) is one of my all-time favorite songs. Nothing quite like it since.



PS A tangent relating to Laika. Turns out that Arcade Fire is (at least) the 2nd Canadian band that wrote a song inspired by the space-faring dog. The other was written by Jian Ghomeshi in Moxy Fruvous. Back in college Moxy Fruvous played at our school, I was a fan, and I had the honor of smoking up the band, including Jian Ghomeshi, who now is on NPR and interviews prime ministers. Heh.

PPS That reminds me of another silly story. I went to a Moxy Fruvous show at The Bottom Line. You had to be 21 OR, it turns out, solemnly swear to Allan Pepper that you wouldn't order alcohol. I thought that was awesome how the owner of a legendary establishment like that still treated young people like people (our word was good enough).

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